5 Japanese Kawaii Fashion Trends ♡✦

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5 Japanese Kawaii Fashion Trends ♡✦

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🌸 At last, the western world has discovered Japanese culture, and we are absolutely inspired by the intriguingly diverse aesthetic of Tokyo street-style fashion ! Having adopted a variety of sub-cultures, Japanese fashion ensures that all individuals, as well as their eccentric tastes, are all equally accepted and included.

So, let us break down the latest trends from the beloved Kawaii fashion culture of Japan !


Fashion is a form of expression, and what better way to happily express yourself than by wearing a t-shirt that depicts your favorite fictional character ? Graphic t-shirts make fashion both easy and fun, especially when the graphic features the Japanimation, or Anime, that you love! Whether you prefer to honor your favorite anime/manga characters, or to express your risqué side with some erotic scenes from hentai you enjoy, there is a graphic that satisfies all tastes.


Anime & Manga:

  • Originating from Japan, Anime is a visually distinctive animation that is either drawn by hand or created digitally on a computer. Much like cartoons, they portray lively scenes, dynamic characters, imaginative motifs, and a fictional storyline. However, anime was given its name due to the nature of its illustrative style, which can consist of both ominous and kawaii themes. Anime is very unique and utterly distinguishable among other cartoons that have originated elsewhere.
  • Manga is term used for Japanese comic books, or graphic novels. Much like anime, there are distinct differences between Japanese manga and western comics. For example, manga is typically printed in black and white, and is read right-to-left rather than left-to-right. Depending on the success and popularity of a manga series, there is always the possibility that it could become an anime.


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Hentai & Ahegao:

  • In Japan, Hentai is understood as any form of abnormal sexual feat, or fantasy. However, outside of Japan, hentai is classified as Japanese anime pornography and/or manga pornography. Furthermore, similar to hentai, Ecchi also contains erotic material, however it excludes the depiction of sexual intercourse, deeming it to be a milder than hentai. Then, there is Ahegao, which describes the exaggerated facial expression of characters while engaging in sexual behavior. This usually depicts a blushing character with crossed eyes, overhanging tongue, and the visualization of excitement.


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Neo-Victorianism is an artistic revival of the Victorian and Edwardian era. It is a movement that embodies an aesthetic that is exceedingly bold and present. This is parallel to the mystifying, Victorian age, which was the second English Renaissance, where Victorians witnessed the growth in prestige, wealth, and cultural achievement.


Lolita Fashion:

  • Lolita Fashion was the re-imagination of the aesthetic of Neo-Victorianism where it introduced sweet femininity and cuteness culture to its clothing style during the foundation of the kawaii trend in Japan. Lolita Fashion features heavily adorned dresses, depicting a child-like innocence and conducting oneself with lady-like mannerisms such as dignity and refinement.

Dark Lolita:

  • Dark/Gothic Lolita Fashion, or ''goth-loli'', derives from Lolita Fashion. Though identical in nature, goth-loli introduced the idea of adding ghoulish accessories to the style such as bows, clips, and other charms. Motifs in the gothic Lolita Fashion include the use of frequent gothic themes, such as coffins, bats, crosses, roses, skulls, candles, and the use of deep, dark color schemes.

Sweet Lolita:

  • Sweet Lolita Fashion, or ama-loli, is contradictive to the aesthetic of goth-loli, by interchanging its classic dark, macabre features with soft, pastel colors. It is the most child-like of the other Lolita styles, with a heavy emphasis on cuteness/sweetness. Common sweet Lolita Fashion elements include the depiction of fruit, animals, desserts, flowers, and the use of colorful, pastel bows, hats, parasols, and styled wigs.


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The wildly imaginative sub-culture of Harajuku style is a combination of visual kei, cosplay, goth-loli, ama-loli, gyaru, kogal, street-style, fairy kei, and decora fashion. It is a style that has been adopted and tailored to suit the tastes and interpretations of people all around the world.


  • The eruption of Harajuku style in Japan was revolutionary. Originating from the Harajuku district in Tokyo, this lively street style is best known as being outrageously creative. Harajuku style is a subculture that features the elements of many different Japanese fashion styles, such as bleached or colored hair, adorned nails, dramatic makeup, and cartoonish clothing arrangements.
  • It is believed that the emergence of this subculture was about connecting with others with similar ideologies. Its vast range of combinations, and its energetic, individualized expression was a statement to be made by individuals who thought differently, and who believed in the subculture style they created and belonged to.


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Oversized Tees:

Wearing oversized t-shirts has become the newest trend that brings simplicity to the edgy fashion style.


  • Most people know edgy fashion to be a modern rocker and/or grunge aesthetic; an example of this look might consist of studded jackets, skinny jeans, ankle or combat boots, and tucked away, under those studs and spikes, is (you guessed it) an oversized t-shirt. Overtime, however, it was realized that it wasn’t the dramatization, the glamour, or even the leather that made the edgy statement, but rather, it was the pleasure in deliberately choosing one’s outfit. In fact, the sheer spirit of voluntarily opting to wear clothing that doesn’t appropriately fit truly pushes the boundaries of what fashion essentially is. It’s rebellious. That is edgy fashion, and edgy fashion is so Kawaii.


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Lastly, accessories are used to complete a look, and are the chief element in Japanese fashion culture. Accessories help establish the differentiation between Japanese subcultures, starting with its fascination of kawaii culture. Kawaii Fashion has emerged from the renowned cuteness culture of Japan.


Kawaii Culture:

  • Kawaii loosely translates to “cute” in English, however that is an oversimplification to the term since kawaii could be used to describe an array of different objects, and even concepts, that are varied in nature. For example, cuteness culture could consider food as kawaii.
  • The philosophy is to accept your childlike, uncomplicated identity, free of the social pressures and dismal reality of our actual lives. It’s temporary escapism that incites sheer happiness and sweet simplicity.
  • To engage in kawaii culture, also means to embrace the visualizations and popular kawaii icons amongst the kawaii goods and merchandise that flood the streets of Tokyo. Kawaii has overrun nearly every aspect of life in Japan and has been widely received by its residents, as they are surrounded by cuteness. 

Kawaii Fashion:

  • The love for kawaii things has expanded to the western world, and has become a global celebration of cuteness culture with the marketplace of cute, glittery, pastel merchandise. There are no limitations to the imagination and enjoyment of this movement.
  • Kawaii fashion encourages you to celebrate your love for your favorite fictional characters with room décor such as Kawaii Plushies, Kawaii Backpacks, phone cases, blankets, lamps, etc.. or to complete your Kawaii Fashion wardrobe.


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🌸Kawaii culture has made its way to into the western world, and it is being adopted and celebrated from people from all around the world. The discovery of Japan culture gave westerners a new form of escapism that not only incites feelings of free will and happiness, but also was successful in connecting two worlds. Japan culture has influenced and inspired its admirers, and has offered individuals something to belong to.

Thank you for reading all ! (・ω<)☆

ありがとうございます !

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