Anime Pillows

Let your heroes safe your life beyond the comic strips protecting your body from hard surfaces with our Anime Pillows collection ! (ᵕ꒶̮ᵕෆ) 

On Kawaii Faces Universe comfort is one of our priorities, that’s why we have selected the best fabric to make you cozy at your bed or sofa. Its silky touch will caress your skin and its nice filling will accommodate your body.

It will help you finish shaping your decorative concept with your favorite characters. A wide variety of the trendiest Anime and Manga patterns such as Demon Slayer, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia and more to complete your Otaku Room decoration !

Mix different shapes, lengths and textures to finish the Weeaboo touch to your home. Add our Anime Body Pillows collection to make your stay more personal and Kawaii and for you to sleep like a baby, dare to combine your dearest Anime Characters to get close with them.

If you are out of home for work or school, let your Manga Pillows protect your personal stay.

A basic and essential of any decoration for your Weeb Room. If you are raking your brains searching for the perfect present to give away to your Otaku friend, keep looking through our exclusive collection.

You can appeal to our huge selection of Anime, Manga and Video Games characters printed on the most comfortable cushion ever. Every time I give one of these pillows away to my friends and family on important dates, I turn into the life of the party.

At Kawaii Faces Universe I can choose through so many new and old japanese shows, that I don’t hesitate on select two or three Anime Cushions!

Each time I feel depressed I can’t stop hugging my Otaku Pillows, they give me comfort and listen to my joys and sorrows.  Not only make me feel accompanied but also decorate my home with their bright colors.

Whether everything I have said so far has not been enough, I will give you another cool option !

Do you have a villain that you hate so much that would punch him on the face ? Then purchase a pillow of that angry villain and relieve your stress by hitting him each time you are annoyed !

Your couch or bed is crying aloud that it needs a new otaku decoration ? Then check this collection to find Anime Pillows with different sizes , a perfect square: 40x40 or 45x45 centimeters are available. They match their vibrant colors and cool shapes to make your stance trendier !

An affordable Kawaii product to renew the decoration of your Geek room without spending too much money. If you don't have the right pillows, we suggest our Pillow Inserts.

If you finally decided to succeed with your presents, give the final personal touch to your stay, having emotional support or relieve your stress, this Anime Pillows Cases collection will make you fall in love with Japanese Anime world again ! ( •⌄• ू )✧