Cosplay Costumes ☆ Wigs

Have you ever dreamed on playing the role of your favorite Japanese Anime Character ?! Or maybe simply enjoying a role play for your partner or all your Instagram fans ? Our Cosplay Costumes & Wigs collection will be your favorite soon ! (>^_^)>

Give free reign to your kawaii fantasy with our infinity variety of accessories for your Cosplay Costumes!

Nowadays, like you can see around you and on social media since last decades, Japanese Cosplay fashion is getting viral. This is now a real way of life for a big part of people around the world. Now, this awesome art has already passed the Asian’s borders since long years and beginning to be global.

You in USA, in Europe or anywhere around the world, like me, we all grew up with Japanese Anime or Manga.

Despite pf not being in the same language, we all share the same memories of the last season of Sailor Moon or the best episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Like our Dakimakura or Anime Pillows collection, Cosplay Costumes & Wigs was an evidence !

For my part it’s always a pleasure to see everyone around the world sharing their love for Anime, Cosplaying and generally the Japanese Culture.  Like you certainly know, if you follow Kawaii Faces Universe, since longtime or not, I think that Cosplay isn’t just a hobby anymore, but an art, a lifestyle and a philosophy.

For this reason, me and all our team, guarantee you the best choice of Cosplay Accessories, Cosplays Wigs and Costumes. For you to wear them in a comfortable way on your Comicon and your most important events of the year. Or simply to enjoy it at home with your dears one, and for yourself. <3

Our actual selection has only high-quality material, our colorful Kawaii Wigs are shiny and soft to touch; and our Cosplay Costumes are well-sewed and really comfy.

This cute section includes: kawaii wigs, cosplay accessories, cute bodysuits and others Yukata, Kimono and more to introduce cosplaying and role playing in your life.

But like for all our others collections this is only a beginning ! We already add new products every day and will give our maximum for give you more and more choices for your next projects !

At Kawaii Faces Universe we offer you, not only fashion, also a lifestyle for you to enjoy with your friends doing a cosplay squad, and post your sexy costume at your social media to meet new international Otaku people ! Make unforgettable memories at conventions or impress your partner with a sexier look of your favorite character ! Even if you aren’t on the mood for Cosplay, then use our Kawaii Accessories for your casual outfit, you will look gorgeous either way. <3

Dress as a cute Lolita, as a little Cute Bunny, a Neko or as a sexy Harajuku Girl, even if you are newbie or professional, you will be able to enjoy cosplay as more than a pastime!

Wearing our Cosplay Costumes & Wigs kawaii collection, you will raise passions as you walk and everyone will want to take photos with you! At this subject don’t hesitate to contact our team for ! 💜 ·ˈ∗♡( ˃̶᷇ ‧̫ ˂̶᷆ )♡∗ˈ‧