Here you will find all our best selection of Dakimakura Anime Body Pillows and other Waifu Pillows too ;)

Japanese Anime has been part of everyone childhood, who doesn’t remember Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball ? Thanks to that we feel connected with our Otaku and Weeb costumers, so inevitably we had to put our Dakimakura collections !ヾ(・o・。)シ 

Whether you want to decorate your Kawaii Room, get close to your favorite character or achieve a better sleep, our huge assortment of Anime Body Pillows, Waifu Pillows and Anime Pillows is the most suitable for you. 

The trendiest Japanese Anime are available on our huge selection of characters, such as Naruto, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and more for you to cuddle with your favorite ones. Fulfill your manga fantasy while sleeping with your Anime Body Pillow, don’t worry if you are having a nightmare about Titans, Levi will be there protecting you !

At Kawaii Faces Universe, we dispose a wide variety of sizes for your Otaku Anime Cushion covers, Anime Body Pillows and Waifu Pillows are real-sized and Anime Pillows goes from squares (35x35 cm to 60x60cm) to rectangles (40x60 cm to 45x75 cm).

You won’t resist to caress the skin of your new friend, it’s smooth and soft fabric will feel silky to touch, it is just addictive !

Complete your home decoration filling your bed or sofa with the most epic tough characters full of history, you will feel embraced by their presence and will never be alone !

Our Dakimakura collection is perfect for any occasion: if you need a best friend that listens you and hugs you at night, look through Anime Body Pillows; Do you need to decorate your Weeb bedroom ?

Check out our Anime pillows and whether you want to enjoy life with a Hentai Kawaii Girlfriend then Waifu Pillows is your collection !

An easy to wash design thanks to its hidden zipper that you won’t notice, and a high-quality vibrant printing that won’t erase. Long pillows, square or rectangle pillows are available at our store to satisfy your Geek needs.

When I bought my first Dakimakura and slept with it, I instantly fell in love and had to buy more to do my own lovely collection. They constantly give me emotional support, without noticing it at the end of the day I feel more energized. Since then, my sleep has been more peaceful and nicer ! Considering that we spend one third of our life laid on our beds, then why not having a cute or Ecchi company to cuddle with?

Make your manga characters squad from your favorite Japanese Show to feel you are part of the gang!

Since the year 2008, at 2channel -a Japanese Otaku forum- Weeb and Anime lovers have been posting photos eating dinner with their Waifu and it has become a Waifu Meme ! So, if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s day, don’t panic! Dress fancy and prepare a cute dinner for your cute Anime Girl or Husbando and post it at your social media to celebrate your own Dinner with Waifu !

If you are ready to start the most epic adventure with your dearest Anime characters, browse through our Dakimakura collection ! ☆(ノё∀ё)ノ☆゚