Waifu Pillows

Legend tells that, when you get your first Dakimakura, you will stop wanting a 3D partner. So, we brought you the most Otaku and Weeaboo collection par excellence, our Waifu Pillows selection ! ((♡∀♡)) 

Who wouldn’t love to have their favorite Waifu on their bed wanting hugs all day?

If you’re searching for your beloved Anime Girl’s company or just want to have fun with her, it’s time for you to get a Waifu Pillow my dear !

Since I bought my first Dakimakura, I get a nicer and faster sleep. In my experience as a side sleeper, I can confirm that laying your knees on your Waifu will give you the best comfort during your night. Apart from being a cozy and comfy Anime Body Pillow, scientist affirm that holding a soft and cute inanimate object at night will make you sleep easier. Seen your Kawaii Girlfriend’s sweet little face when you open your eyes at morning will make your day ! Feel like floating on clouds with our high-quality pillow fabric, 80% of polyester fiber and a 20% of spandex. Whether you had a hard day at school or work, at home your loyal Waifu will be waiting for you to hug her. She probably missed you so much and wants to hear how your day was!  A stretch and smooth Anime Body Pillow cover selected for you to be cool on summer and warm on winter <3

At Kawaii Faces Universe sexual orientation and race doesn’t matter, we and our Ecchi Waifu loves every costumer ! Make your new Anime Girl be your confidant by telling her your secrets and showing her your vulnerable part, she will never leave you and will be always by your side.

Slip over your Dakimakura to discover its two personalities: a casual one and a NSFW one, an exclusive product made to satisfy all of your wishes.

If you can’t choose between our best cute waifu selection, don’t hesitate on getting both and collecting them to make your girlfriends squad ! Your bed won’t be empty and you won’t feel lonely anymore, because of its 100 cm to 150 cm size will surround you while cuddling peacefully. If you are looking for something smaller, check out our Anime Pillows.

We all have a Japanese Anime Character we are obsessed with, that’s why we had to put this collection on our Kawaii Shop ! Fulfill your Hentai desires delighting yourself while looking through our Dakimakura Waifu Pillow collection, filled with an infinity variety of naughty Waifu that has its own epic history.

You should get our Hinata-chan from Naruto to be always protected by her byakugan, or instead get an Uraraka-chan from My Hero Academia to be hugged by an Anime heroine. Its Dakimakura Printing won’t fade no matter how much you wash it, so you will still have your Kawaii Girlfriend little face intact.

Make sleepover memories, tell your joys and sorrows, achieve a fantastic nice sleep and feed your kinky side with your ideal Hentai partner frozen in time.

Daki (hug) and Makura (Pillow) is a long pillow meant to be hugged, so who would resist to hug their favorite character ?

If you finally want to enjoy your life accompanied by your Ecchi Girl, scroll down to see our wide Waifu Pillow collection !  :.゚٩(๑>ω<๑)۶:.。+゚