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ようこそ!Welcome to Kawaii Faces Universe, your leading Kawaii Shop for all cute clothes and goods, inspired by original Japanese anime and cuteness culture.
I am Miki Watanabe, the owner of this website. During my career as a flight attendant, I visited many countries and befriended a lot of people. It was with these friendships that I realized the love of Japan, and all things kawaii, extended far beyond the borders of my beloved country. This had originally inspired me to create a blog. Then, it sparked the idea of opening up a kawaii shop, where authentic kawaii products could be purchased and delivered to all of my friends, world-wide !
At Kawaii Faces Universe, we will make sure that your love for Japan grows by providing you with all things kawaii for your enjoyment and happiness. Kawaii Faces Universe is stocked with large, diverse collections of cute items. This includes a variety of Kawaii Clothes collections, Kawaii Plushies, Cosplay Accessories, Costumes, and original Dakimakura Anime Pillows collections. Everything a Weeaboo or a Fairy Kei girl/boy would enjoy wearing, or seeing in their kawaii room. We also provide a large variety of cute accessories such as lights, kawaii stationeries, kawaii stickers, school supplies, and an assortment of other cute items. In fact, we have more than 700 products available online! Please, have a look!
Miki Watanabe Kawaii Faces Universe
Growing up, I was your typical Japanese child, watching anime on TV while having kawaii plushies all around my room. As I grew older, I became accustomed to cute Harajuku-style dresses, and then Cosplay costumes, later on. This is also why I decided that I wanted to share my love for different ''kawaii'' cultures with you. I would like to feature ''cuteness culture'' from my perspective with Kawaii Faces Universe as one of the few kawaii shops on the web, owned by a Japanese native. I hope you will enjoy this experience with me. So that you, too, can know what it feels like to wear Harajuku after school while enjoying crepes with your girlfriends, just as I did a few years ago.^^
Ultimately, in regards to our various collections and products, we strive to provide a service that brings the Japanese culture, in its authenticity and its entirety, to your doorstep. We only present the highest-quality of products for your enjoyment. 
We pride ourselves on our excellent level of customer service. I will make sure that you are treated with the utmost respect. We are dedicated to making your experience with us a memorable one.
So, what are you waiting for?! :) Check our collections, my blog, instagram, or start shopping now so that we can share our love for kawaii culture~~! (∩˃o˂∩)♡
Thank you ! ありがとう !

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