Kawaii Pajama ☆ Loungewear

Tired from working too much and want to put on your comfy sleepwear? Our Kawaii Pajama & Cute Loungewear collection will make your day ! ♡◡♡✿

By wearing our Kawaii Pajama & Loungewear, you will notice how its satin fabric caress your skin while looking as elegant and fancy as a luxurious Harajuku Girl. Its nice fit will help you sleep easier than ever. This huge collection was made to conquer something more than dreams at night, going to sleep in a sweet style every time you use them will make you feel confident !

Our cutest selection of sleepwear for any Princess/Prince with a great sense of Kawaii Fashion to wake up looking at your mirror and seeing you are still fabulous !

Looking through cute nightwear collection, you will find Kimono, Yukata and elegant type of pajamas to feel as traditional and cute as a Japanese Fashion icon using them.

The greatest material to feel comfy at home, an elastic waist to fit better your shape and sweet prints on it, ranging from: cute cats, kawaii dogs, Japanese traditional patterns and more to feel as a kawaii coach potato.

Who doesn’t love getting home from a hard day and find your favorite loungewear waiting for you ?  

Get into the comfort of Kawaii Pajama with the endless and cozy nightwear options at our store. This cute collection has so many combinations and they are so comfortable that you won't want to get up in the morning.

Our fabulous Cute Loungewear gives you the perfect excuse to not put on clothes all weekend, because these garments are the perfect uniform for relaxing afternoons at home. If you are looking for nightwear with a special touch, don't miss our dreamy satin pajamas from Kawaii Faces Universe. Are you looking for a fancy summer sleepwear ?

Explore through our infinity variety of designs and fabrics. Complete your lovely style at home incorporating our kawaii plushies collection to your adorable bed and achieve a better sleep thanks to your whole sweet environment.

The calmest moment of the day deserves to dress comfortably and stylish, with comfortable fabrics and fancy designs. Kawaii Faces Universe’s pajamas section offers complete pajamas or tops and pants to compose the set that you like the most. You choose: short or long, the sexiness of the Japanese traditional style, the fun touch of cute patterns style pajamas and the sophistication of modern and contemporary style pajamas.

At home, like nowhere ! Succumb to the fashion of wearing cute pajamas outside too. Like our Yukata and Kimono stylised sleepwear can be wore outside as a Cosplay Sexy or part of your JK inspired outfit.

Vibrant, Pastel and Cute colors inspired on Harajuku style impregnate this Kawaii Collection inspired on Japanese Culture !

Are you ready to be the fanciest and cutest Kawaii Girl while sleeping or just watching some Netflix ? Well, cocooning will be your lifestyle since you start using our Kawaii Pajama & Loungewear ! 💜 ♡◡♡✿