Kawaii Stationery

Whether you are a detail-oriented person who loves to use creative and artistical skills, then you must look through our Kawaii Stationery Collection to find anything for your crafts !(ू•ᴗ•ू❁

At Kawaii Faces Universe we offer you a wide selection of cute stickers and adorable school stuff made for you to enjoy your work, your crafts and school. Our huge selection of stationery is so pretty that you won’t want to stop using it. You will find here all materials for infant schoolchildren to university students through office, work or even home !

Take out the detail-oriented person inside you transforming our office supplies into creative tools and ideas to develop your artistical skills with ease. This kawaii collection has what it takes to stay organized at all times, ranging from our stickers with cute drawing, cool agendas, adorable pens and more. A huge variety of colors, shapes, sizes and more, ranging from pastel tones to bright colors. Not only kawaii aesthetic but Fairy Kei as well to be a princess girl from Harajuku from head to toe !

All these materials are used in different spaces, mainly offices and work spaces, but they are also part of an interesting consumption of our lovely products in the form of letters or personal cards, decoration, crafts, etc.

Being a whole kawaii girl means taking cuteness and sweetness as a lifestyle and including it on every casual item you own. But it is easier, thanks to our adorable stationery selection you will be able to personalize your casual items with our kawaii stickers, stick them on your bottles, books, headphones and more to be cuter !

Customize your personal stay to emphasize how sweet and cute you are, add our variety of stickers everywhere and make new DIYS with our Kawaii School Supplies.

We wanted to provide you nice elements that allows order, making sure that everything is always kept in its correct place, contributing to the performance of all activities, allowing for better develop and increasing creativity.

Search the perfect present for both children and adults, give away a cute office supplies kit customized that can include your best selections of cute stickers and adorable school supplies suitable for your loved ones to enrich their intellectual life. You can put Kawaii Pens, Kawaii Agendas and more articles to your kit, you will impress your dear beings with your customized basket.

As an office worker, I needed some material that suited my own style and fulfilled my office necessities. There is nothing more inspiring that sitting on your office desk, than customize your work material into an stylish one to be more motivated day by day.

I made a sweet planner to organize my work and meetings, putting lovely stickers of emojis according to my mood, doing some lettering with our kawaii pens, and using our adorable rulers to draw lines, the perfect items to organize yourself and be tidier! Brighten up your work and school days getting a whole bunch of nice materials to be more motivated.

Find the cutest and fanciest Kawaii Stationery checking out this kawaii collection ! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )