Kawaii Dogs

Have you ever wanted a furry friend and have decided to add a new member to your family ? Well, then you are going to fall in love with our best selection of Kawaii Dogs Plush ! ૮♡ﻌ♡ა

We, Kawaii Faces Universe, have chosen the loveliest cute dogs you have ever seen, mainly Japanese races like Shiba Inu and Corgi with silky and golden hair, expressive gaze and smiling gesture ! A really nice fabric soft to touch and nice for cuddling, and a good filling safe to snuggle.

The perfect Kawaii Pet to give you company on your sad and happy moments, staying there listening you every day after work or school. Who doesn’t want to have a lovely colorful dog waiting until you come home from a hard day ? Well, our sweet stuffies are available on different sizes and lengths, made to suit your home's decoration. Let your kawaii dog at your coach or on a chair in front of your door so when you come home it will seem like it was waiting for you.

Get the sweet company of a furry friend without dealing with the expenses and responsibilities from having a real pet. Don’t have to worry about cleaning, walks and food. Just only good points of owning a loyal dog ! But in case you own already an animal at home, give it a partner of naps ! You can choice one that looks like yours or a different one, you will melt of cuteness seeing your lovely furry pet with its partner always together.

 A cute dog plush is a good option for those ones who doesn’t have the space, time and money to care for an animal or the landlord doesn’t let pets at the building. Calm your cravings of having a cute and lovely dog by looking through this huge selection !

As an allergic to dog’s person, I have always wanted a cute Corgi to give me some love, but I can’t get close to them, that is when my lovely friend got me a sweet Kawaii Corgi Plush. It was the best gift someone has given me, not only for the grief at not having a little Corgi, but also because it matches my house environment and doesn’t clash my Kawaii Decoration.

My little sweet dog has been at my worst days, listening to my problems and reminding me how cute was my friend by giving me this original gift. My Corgi is my confident and it gives me a real good emotional support. Not only emotional but physical as well, its fluffy stuffing lets me get a better sleep.

The presence of a pet in the home can improve the quality of life and the feeling of well-being increases. Owning a kawaii dogs increases the sense of security and protection at your room. Taking care of a real dog carry a huge responsibility, but if you gift your loved ones a Kawaii Dog plush you will success with your choice and they will remember you while sleeping with it!

If you are ready to bring up some bright to your life with a good company, keep looking through our Kawaii Dogs collection ! (^・(❤)・^)