Kawaii Stickers

Do you want to turn every stuff you own into a Kawaii Accessory ? In that case, you will be able to customize everything with our Kawaii Stickers Collection ! (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆*

I still remember as a childhood memory how children of my little town at middle school exchanged cute stickers of all types with a sweet and big smile on their faces, everyone’s sticker album had a page for each type : paper, pastel tones, glitter and more that we exchanged between us.

I begged my mom for every week to buy me a new sheet of stickers at the nearest variety store. That’s why when I saw this kawaii collection, I needed to get a huge bunch of sheets to fill my laptop of any adorable pattern. Watching my laptop everyday it moves me to the joy I used to have as a kid displaying my large and varied stickers album at playtime on kindergarten.

At Kawaii Faces Universe we offer a cute selection of the best adorable drawings for you or your gifts, ranging from Cute Cat Drawing, Kawaii Unicorn, tasty sushi, Kaomojis and more to match. Make huge collages thanks to our lovely variety of sizes, shapes, colors and materials like paper, coated paper, plastic, matte, shiny and transparent to make a nice collection.

Customize your daily objects into lovely ones with our unique sets. Stick them on your bottle of water, your cute laptop, your phone cases, furniture and more that integrates your casual stuff into your cute world. A high-quality material for you to making them last and cute patterns to feel as kawaii as possible!

My favorite way to use them is integrating it on my soft makeup, I usually use too many blush, a cute pastel eye shadow, a little wing eyeliner and circle lenses, then I stick my stickers on my chins to give my makeup a fairy and dreamy look, people will think you are using a filter.

Impress your international friends by posting a pic of this unique makeup at your social media with this innovate way of putting using Kawaii Stickers on your makeup. You can use them as well to stick them at your gifts wrap and succeed with every present you give !

Who doesn’t love a well-kept and nice decorated scrapbook ? It is satisfying looking through scrapbooks accounts and thinking how do they make it ! Well, with our collection matched with Kawaii School Supplies collection it will be easy, get a pastel tones cute unicorn sticker and an adorable Unicorn ink black pencil.

Do some lettering, add sweet trimmings, a little bit of Washi Tape and our stickers and voila ! You will get the cutest scrapbook ever, put our supplies next to the scrapbook and take an unique photo of it, people will be impressed by your cute skills and DIYS.

Turn into a kawaii reference on your social media posting your crafts skills and showing your own vision of the Kawaii Fashion world taking advantage of our Kawaii Stickers.

If you are obsessed with putting stickers everywhere, check out this Kawaii Stickers collection that will stick you on ! ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ)ॢ♡