Kawaii Faces ☆ Kaomoji

Have you ever felt how that Kawaii Plush is watching you, with those cute and shiny eyes, for you to buy it because it doesn’t want to be alone ? Then, you won’t be able to resist to our Kawaii Faces & Kaomojis Plush collection ! <3ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

At Kawaii Faces Universe we own a lovely assortment of shapes ranging from clouds, Cute Animals and more showing many emotions for you to show your inner love for soft toys. Our huge colors palette based on Tokyo’s lights will let you be creative matching your cute faces plush with your whole Kawaii Room decoration to start expressing yourself without any effort.

All type of manga expressions ranging from sad, shy, mad, excited, happy, in love and more to enjoy more your personal cute stay.

As Kaomoji lovers we couldn’t left Kawaii Faces Plushies behind ! They are Japanese Kanji that helps you to express yourself better than with usual emojis. A huge selection of textures, colors and features that matches better your personality, if you are shy don’t worry, you will find your expression looking through our wide selection.

Get a teary sad face to give it away to your partner or friends that you need to apologize for. With a lovely letter showing how sorry you are and our sweet plush your partner will empathize more with you and will think how deep your present was. Get a shiny in love face to propose to your beloved ones, a nice and well-written letter filled with our Kawaii Stickers and ''voila'' ! The cutest way to ask someone to go out.

Kawaii plushies are the best gift ever, because your beloved ones will remind you at night while sleeping and won’t stop thinking about how right you were on your election. A wide assortment to find the most suitable for a present, choose their favorite color or animal and they will be impressed on ‘’how did you remember pink was my favorite color’’?!

Not only a soft to touch cute stuffy but also a decorative element, a must on every Harajuku Girl’s room. Its high-quality filling will let you squeeze them when you are angry, or snuggle with them when you are happy. Don’t feel lonely anymore with our Kawaii Faces & Kaomojis, inevitably you will fall in love with them and won’t stop wishing to come home to cuddle with your favorite stuffed toy !

If you are a Kawaii Aesthetic lover and do not want to miss any detail to be the most adorable, you only need our cute faces to accompany you on your fantasy adventures. Get a happy expression to infect you with a huge smile when you come from work or school. You will feel safe knowing your rough cuddly toy is watching out your home for any intruder.

Take pics with your new friend in front of yours with a shy expression or any you want, to post it on your social media as a creative idea to express your emotions between any subject.

Impregnate with good vibes checking out our Kawaii Faces & Kaomojis collection ! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)