Kawaii Unicorns

Do you want to make your home a refuge of fantasy and hopes ? Look through our magical Kawaii Unicorns Plush collection to start the cutest adventure accompanied by this mythological animal !(๑๏‿ฺ๏๑)β™‘

At Kawaii Faces Universe we are always attentive to the new trends andΒ cute preferences of our customers, that’s why we tried to expand our sweet store with the best products, so now we incorporated unicorns into the catalog of Kawaii Plushies. The most fantastic, original and magical patterns to offer you, as always, the best soft toys. Since you start sleeping hugged to your new friend, you won’t regret your choice !

These Kawaii Unicorns are very loved and requested by little children, adults orΒ cute stuffΒ lovers. They have a curious appearance reminiscent of a horse, for its similarity in the shape of its body and its name comes from having a single horn on its head. Unicorns are mythological creatures and throughout history they have starred in many fantastic stories and legends, regarding them as fabulous animals. Then, why not start a new magical and fantasy adventure?

Get your favorite adorable unicorn, choose your adventure partner from XL or casual sizes, Pastel Tones and different designs, suitable for any Kawaii Room. An extremely wild forest creature, symbol of purity and grace, a really elegant mythological creature. Since I was little, I have always dreamed on having a magical unicorn, because they represent good luck and fantasy.

When they became a trend, I couldn’t be left behind ! I decided to turn my wholeΒ personal stay into a fantasy nest, unicorn plushies,Β cuteΒ pens, a pastel pink bed and more, it was never enough ! As a realΒ unicorn lover, I always count with myΒ fluffy stuffy for anything, if I need to cry or tell my concerns, if I am happy or need to share my success. It stays by my side and gives me company !Β πŸ’œ

Not only as a cute company, but also as a decorative element, a mustΒ for any Harajuku Girl/Boy.Β Our collection is the suitable for you if you want to find perfect present on a special day, such as Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day, a birth, and more for you to success with your choice. Millions of persons sleep hugging their favorite stuffed animal because it gives them security in difficult situations in their lives. And what better than a magical unicorn, right?

AΒ pure creature that will defend you from horrifying nightmares and will take you to its magical forest full of sweet and cute stuff that will take care of you. It will star all your nice dreams and will be your emotional and physical support, because of its nice stuffing and soft to touch fabric. You will be on cloud nine because yourΒ new friend will be always available for you to snuggle and cuddle when you need, the ideal magical partner.

Do not leave without seeing our kawaii plushies catalog because surely some of them will suit your tastes, take advantage of the fantastic prices to find your ideal pattern at our Kawaii Unicorns collection ! βˆ—β™‘( ΛƒΜΆα·‡ ‧̫ Λ‚ΜΆα·† )β™‘βˆ—β€