Kawaii Backpacks ☆ Bags

Have you heard that Kawaii Faces Universe has brought a plenty of Kawaii Backpacks & Bags ? They are literally to die for ! The best collection has arrived to our Kawaii Shop and you should check it out ! ʚ♡⃛ɞ

Need a versatile accessory to complete your cute outfit and store your adorable goodies ? Then, check out our collection for the best quality selection of Kawaii Backpacks & Bags such as sweet backpacks, Crossbody Bags and typical Japanese Ita bags. Just as there are basic kawaii clothing items, in the accessories section there are also essentials that will get you out of a trouble.

Its unique designs will make them be your ideal complement and will let you make an exquisite mix of combinations for your Kawaii Outfit. A practical design, not only to look cute and as a princess wearing it, but to be able to keep everything on its pockets as well !

A sweet assortment of styles, both Pastel Kawaii and Pastel Goth, Fairy Kei, Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Magical Girl and more to save your cutest memories inside of your Kawaii Bag.

Therefore, this fancy garment is ideal for any occasion, for example: going to a Comicon, to a date, to school or work and more situations to show off how glamorous you look with it. Match your High school Uniform with our Kawaii Ita Bag to look like a Japanese schoolgirl based on Tokyo and fill it with our fancy stationery to be a Harajuku Girl even at school !

Put adorable pins on it and make resin charms with our lovely stickers selection to customize your new backpack, it is not only a kawaii fancy accessory but also a customizable garment to express yourself.

Use your phone camera and take pics of your cute backpacks with your Kawaii Outfits to post it on your favorite social media, it will be an assured success and you will be featured on our account!

Kawaii Backpacks & Bags are a fashion must to store your makeup and needs. Multiple details ranging from ruffles, laces, wings, transparent pockets and more to give you the final sweet look.

At Kawaii Faces Universe you will find all kind of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors; suitable for any style. This little detail can completely change your appearance, since it makes you look more feminine and adds a kawaii touch to your clothes combinations  !

It is an accessory that works as an ideal complement to carry your most important belongings in a subtle way and that matches the rest of your wardrobe.

You can wear a monochrome look to make this garment the protagonist of your day. Fortunately, we own a wide and creative variety of Kawaii Backpacks & Bags that will take you away from monotony and where you can find different uses.

If you are finally ready to become a cute fashion icon, combine your Kawaii Backpack with every adorable outfit to look gorgeous and stylish anywhere you go ! 💜  ⌒゚(❀>◞౪◟<)゚⌒