Kawaii Tshirts

If you want to melt of cuteness and feel comfortable on your daily routine, our Kawaii Tshirts collection was made for you ! (♡∀♡)

 At Kawaii Faces Universe, you will find a wide selection of the most adorable Tshirts for cuties with a severe love for adorable prints and comfy fashionable designs !  They are based on your favorite Japanese anime, kawaii food, cute cats, kawaii unicorns, kawaii potato and more themes to connect with your otaku, weeb and kawaii side !

Wear our Kawaii Shirts to become into the trendiest Harajuku Girl / Boy while feeling cozy ! This collection features JK Uniform style, adorable everyday tees, Japanese fashion prints, anime patterns further more than kawaii aesthetic t-shirts. The cutest selection of styles based on sweet culture ranging from pastel goth, aesthetic, sweet lolita, fairy kei and more for you to match !

You will find them in all possible ways: crop top, round neck, V-neck, short sleeve, sleeveless, thin straps, lingerie, cotton ... It is the perfect companion for any type of look and a real lifeguard for those days we "do not know what to wear." You can wear them inside your bottom, outside your bottom, with a belt, with a knot, with a cute bralette under to show it discreetly and more ways to use our Kawaii Tshirts in a stylish way.

A cute top is one of the essentials par excellence, a must on everyone’s closet. A basic garment that due to its simplicity can be the best option to fix any type of look, even at night, giving it a fancier touch.

Check out our unique patterns inspired by the bright colors of Harajuku. We own a big color palette but since this is a Kawaii Shop, you will find the cutest pastel tones.

Sometimes, we end up using Tshirts in case we can't find another top to complete our Kawaii Outfit or, even, to be at home. But an adorable shirt can have much more uses than you think: shorts, skinny jeans, pants, cargo, skirts ... this garment combines with everything !

Even if you don’t want to put on a whole outfit, if you wear our Kawaii Tshirts, you will look fashionable and feel the most confident ever. They are not only a summer garment, in winter you can also wear them. Put on jeans, an open plaid shirt underneath your shirt, you can also do the same with our Kawaii Hoodies.

If you are one of those who steals a shirt from your boyfriend or your brother because you like to wear them XXL, we also have some patterns for you. You can give it a feminine touch by adjusting it to the waist or also combining it with our Kawaii Stockings. Instead of using your classic everyday tee, put on your favorite themed top, show everyone what your tastes on Kawaii Fashion are and make friends thanks to them!

Make a long story short, be the life of the party with our Kawaii Tshirts collection !💜 (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪