Kawaii Airpods Cases

Who doesn’t love to have an exclusive kawaii item to stand out between everybody ? Then, our Kawaii Airpods Cases collection will give you the goosebumps ! (.ω.) ~♪

As a cute stuff lover, I couldn’t stand charging my Airpods at my customized desk and have a really casual case, it clashed my whole adorable room and didn’t match my cute environment, that’s why I thought I should get one of those Kawaii Airpod Cases ! I love how my lovely friends’ faces changes when they see me taking out from my sweet backpack a really cute and unique Kawaii Airpod Case.

Airpods really are one of the most practical and useful devices that I use on my day to day because I am a really J-pop music lover, so why not protect my earphones from the deterioration of wearing them on my pocket every day ? I put so many interest on making my whole stay and goodies being on an adorable aesthetic, that I didn’t want to have the same case as everyone; I personally don’t like simple items so I usually customize them to make them special for me and express myself that’s why this kawaii earphone cases collection seemed to be made for me!

Its silicone material avoids my Airpods to get scratches, to avoid falls on every surface and doesn’t let them get dirty. Getting a this cases emphasize your sweet personality, being cute means to be an adorable and lovely girl with a good fashion sense, a really nice Kawaii Room decoration and of course having exclusive and fancy items to customize everything around them.

Not only to make our casual items staying lovely but also adding an additional protection because of its thick material suitable for a busy life. Its carabiner lets you to engage your favorite Kawaii Airpod Case on your trousers, your nice backpack, cute bag or sport bag to avoid you to miss them or stop them from falling everywhere and as a fashion item too. With our kawaii cases your earphones won’t move around and they will be well attached to its case because silicone wrap it very nice so there isn’t any risk!

We, Kawaii Faces Universe, brought you the most infinity variety of Airpod Cases such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Pastel Tones cases and more to combine and not repeat every day. If you are a really Pokemon fan, catch them all ! Not only a Kawaii Fancy item but an Otaku and Weeaboo item as well, who wouldn’t love to have its favorite Japanese Anime Character so close ?

I love to integrate my Kawaii Airpods Cases from Sailor Moon on my photo shoots for my account at my favorite social media, it gives the final touch to my kawaii outfit pics and gives me the pretty fancy look that I was searching. It seems to be a simple product but it is like phone cases, as you begin buying them you won’t be able to stop.

In conclusion, whether you want to look kawaii or just protect your earphones, this Kawaii Airpod Cases collection was selected for you and your dear ones ! (灬♥ω♥灬)