Kawaii Plushies

Do you want to feel that pleasant emotion of feeling protected and cozy but don’t know how ? Then, our Kawaii Plushies collection was made for you ! ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ 

A plush seems to be a simple product but we all know that it isn’t true. We all remember the infinity nights we have hugged our kawaii stuffy on that long nights scared to death because of the dark.

That plushie that has been always listening to our problems patiently and has took part on our succeed moments. Who didn’t need to be hugged to their kawaii toy to overcome our fears ? Don’t forget your cute memories and get a tender adorable toy to connect with your childhood hopes ! At Kawaii Faces Universe you will find a lovely variety of lovely friends that will match your personal stay and make you sleep easier, from Kawaii Faces, adorable Unicorns, Cute Cats, Kawaii Dog or some Kawaii Wild Animals to create your own ZOO.

Not only casual animals but magical ones and kaomoji too, they will accompany you at your dreams to be always protected from the nightmares! If you’re breaking your brains out searching for a love charm present, our Kawaii Plush collection will be all you need. An infinity assortment of sizes, lengths and types to guess the suitable present for your family or friends.

Give away a cuddly toy to your dearest ones to make them always remember your friendship while sleeping, succeed with a good choice for your lovely friend’s birthday ! Its nice texture and stretchy material easy to wash will make you feel comfy and its soft high-quality filling safe to snuggle will make you fall in love instantly. Find your ideal partner of dreams to improve your sleeping, relieve your stress by squeezing them or lean on them.

Our Kawaii Plushies selection wasn’t made only for the little ones but for the oldest as well, more than 35% of adults spends their bedtime accompanied by a stuffed animal to feel comforted. They represent the security, affection and peace we all need, that’s why plush are ageless. 💜 

In order to restore my dream and improve my sleep, I decided to bought a large adorable unicorn I lean my head on it, put my arms around and pull apart my knees from each other and thanks to this pose I got the nicest sleep ever. We have the brightest colors to decorate your Kawaii Room and invite your friends to come over to impress them with your stuffies collection, everyone will want to stay at your home to play with them !

As long as you feel embraced by your furry friends, you will not be alone anymore, because they will be your emotional and physical support in your sad moments! Soft toys are ideal for every type of room, combine them with our Kawaii Accessories wide assortment and Dakimakura selection to complete your cozy stay so you express your personality around your home.

Whether you want someone to hug before sleep, have someone waiting for you at home or own a wild pet, you will not stop dreaming about our Kawaii Plushies collection ! ʕつ ͡◔ ᴥ ͡◔ʔつ❤